Studies has showed that people resort to Suicide as a solution to temporary challenges. It must never be an option either should it be the ultimate solution.

There are times in life that the challenging day seems longer and never ending. It looks dark and very terrifying and no one seems to see your pain and cry. The good results seem evil that the companions flee and leave you behind because of unyielding results and accusations. What do you do when the odds are at your neck and the escape route vanishes?

There is no successful giant who once was not at the verge of surrendering his dream to pleasure, pressure or pain. They all once had a disastrous peak but overcame it. What separates a developed leader and a developing leader is what they suffered and what they have been through.

The Mega church LCI is an example of this phenomenal revolution which is worth learning. This striving church started with the founder being a medical student and some few nursuring students as their members. During the early stages of the ministry according to Bishop Dag had to face the turbulences of the then Ministry of Health who wanted them to leave the canteen which was their gathering centre, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital board of Directors and the staff joined in and fought the church till they left the canteen. They acquired an old cinema at the Korle Gorno which was close to the hospital. Upon completion of their Grace Cathedral the wrath of the indigenes were kindled against them. The church was shit bombed (the art of using spraying faeces at an object), the walls of the church was broken. According to Bishop Dag Heward Mills, at this time of his ministry accusations were raining on him. He once said in one of his messages he once was looking at the ceiling fan in his room and wanted to end it all. Matters became worse when the government of the nation stepped in with Internal Revenue Services always of his neck, the Chiefs and people of Korle Gorno were on him choking his life out of him.

Through all this drama God opened a way for LCI in North Kaneshie and built an ultra modern auditorium called The Quodesh. In His message The beginning of Miracles, He said I brought Yonggi Cho from Korea to bless and dedicate the church because Korle Gorno was our headquarters and we had no plans of leaving but when the day came we were moving to North Kaneshie, I wrapped the Lighthouse flag around me and danced. The Quodesh is one of the architectural designs in Ghana which attracts the eye of everyone. A man who was once laughed at the God has not called Him, ridiculed by a renowned preacher in Ghana when he started his healing services and scorned by his own stages pastors during these services that ushered him to replace them with flowers. Bishop Dag Heward Mills is now the most read and most sort after and celebrated African writer and Evangelist in African. Now the dead are been raised, the lame walk, the deaf hear and other wonderful miracles are happening in his Healing Jesus crusades.

When men wrote him off, he never backed down but continued the race and fought hard. Not knowing the beautiful Mampong Anakgazo Bible Seminary, over 2000 churches were him. To every successful story is a once struggling fellow who never short cut his life through to death but endured the pain and overcame the loss. Men like Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson Eshun who started Spiritlife Revival Ministries with 3 and half people and was accused severely can now boast of Prophetic School of Mentorship International, Bernard Nelson Scholarship Fund, Bernard Nelson Orphan Project and 8 branches of the church.

Never back down from the course God has placed you on because successful people as defined by Prophet Bernard Elbernard are men who rightfully interpret yesterday failures and flaws in the light to today and give a comforting predictive future. Is time you leap and hop out of your darkness of hurt and failures to work towards what God has called you into.