In my walk with my Father, there are certain sayings that i have found in much treasure which stirs my creativity and my thinking abilities. Below are ten of these sayings which direct the attention of men into creativity and principled living.

  1. The productivity of an organization is determined by the productivity of the people. Is influenced by enhanced skills, developed talents and empowered changed mindset.


  1. The right interpretations of the experiences of yesterday in the light of today give you a predictable future. Do not get trapped in the time warp of the past but liberate your future with the information and experiences of the past through the activities of the present.


  1. One of the greatest gifts ever given to man with a vision is gifted people. An introduction of gifted people takes you into another realm.


  1. When your assignment becomes an obsession, ascending to greatness becomes your automatic possession.


  1. The quality of your future is determined by the quality of your decisions today.


  1. The difference between your present and your future is hidden in time.


  1. Whoever you have married or want to marry is reflection of your wisdom.


  1. Before you fall in love with a man/woman, fall in love with the quality of his or her mind.


  1. Everyone’s dream is wrapped up in the dream of another person.


  1. One of the easiest ways of wining and sustaining the love of your special one is to help him/her pursue and fulfill his/her purpose.